Overnight Skin Saviours

Make your skin look better in one day.
Looking to achieve flawless skin in record time? Look no further! Whatever event I’m prepping for, these are my tried and true overnight skin saviours that help me take my sleepy skin from lacklustre to luminous in less than 24 hours.
When it comes to getting that lit-from-within glow, few things work quite as well (or as quickly) as a fake tan. Even with the most neglected skin, a quick application of PureTan’s Face Tan Lotion can transform the appearance of my skin from dull and tired to impossibly well-rested. This product is a particular favourite of mine when it comes to tanning the face as the formula is much more workable and forgiving than simply slathering on a mousse or playing a guessing game with face tanning drops. It adds a natural, undetectable glow to fair-medium skin tones and can be tailored by layering it on or diluting it with your moisturiser. So simple. So good.
Not usually a sheet mask person? Neither am I, but let me tell you, this one’s the real deal. The only time you’ll find me reaching for a sheet mask with the intention that it will actually do something is if it’s by Go-To. The Transformazing Sheet Mask is a serum-soaked mask packed with plumping goodness for a speedy pick-me-up that will indeed transform tired, stressed-out skin in a matter of minutes. If dehydration and dullness are putting a dampener on party skin prep, add this one-and-done solution to your routine.
“Starring fancy native botanical superstars kakadu plum, finger lime and Tasmanian pepper leaf for bright, even-tone skin. Transformazing also features niacinamide (super brightening, hydrating and healing) and plenty of line-plumping and moisture-retention thanks to hyadisine.”
Sounds bloody good, right? It is.
Is the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask worth the hype? Yes. Yes, it is. This viral lip mask will rescue dry, chapped lips as you sleep. Even when you’re in the mood to neglect all else and head to bed with a full face of makeup, your skincare left lonely on the shelf, do your future self a favour and slap on some Laneige before you hit the hay. Waking up hungover is much more tolerable with soft, smooth lips.
Formulated with a potent blend of AHAs and BHAs, Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum exfoliates dead skin cells and unclogs pores overnight and is my go-to solution for tackling body breakouts. When applied directly to blemishes and bumpy areas, a small amount of this powerful (but surprisingly gentle) serum reduces redness and swelling in a hurry and ensures I wake up with smoother, clearer skin. It’s a mainstay in my skincare routine for events and special occasions when I know my skin will be on show.
Sunday Riley’s Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment is an icon you’ll find in every skincare buff’s lineup. This hydrating and milky formula, complete with potent purified-grade lactic acid, immediately exfoliates the skin to reveal a brighter, more radiant and even complexion. If a youthful glow is your Roman Empire, add this to your wishlist. This is not a sometimes solution; this is a must-have, cannot-live-without, game-changing staple in my skincare routine. Gentle, effective, delivering immediate and cumulative results, this is a serum for the ages.
Zit Sticka’s KILLA pimple patches are the OG. No pimple patch is quite as effective as this satisfyingly spiky secret weapon. The idea behind these patches is that they work (and work FAST) by taking active ingredients straight to the source of inflammation and tackling it deep down with self-dissolving darts. When that distinct pain of a seemingly impenetrable pimple threatens to ruin my day, there’s just nothing that compares to a microdart pimple patch.
Traditionally, I’m a lover of a thick, buttery, luxurious moisturiser to lock in my serums. Gel creams and lightweight formulas have never truly cut it for my thirsty skin that craves long-lasting results. Enter Plum Plump Cream. Since first trying this coveted Glow Recipe moisturiser, I’ve hardly put it down. The instant burst of hydration this whipped gel cream delivers is simply unmatched. For me, it’s a serum-meets-moisturiser that leaves my face feeling drenched, quenched, and absolutely glowing. For instant glass skin, this is your girl.
Whenever I hear somebody speak about an underrated product that they wish got more attention, I instantly think of Dr LeWinn’s Reversaderm Corrective Skin Peel. As is the case with so many chemist brand products, this powerhouse unfortunately gets overlooked and overshadowed by its trendier peers. But that needs to change! This serum is unbelievable. I’m now going on five years of using and loving it for quickly treating uneven skin texture and tone.
This powerful peel with a gel-like consistency is applied like a serum and left on the skin overnight to exfoliate and resurface the upper skin layer with a 15% AHA complex including Glycolic, Lactic, and Mandelic acid. For myself, it works wonders on bumpiness, crepiness, and fine lines to deliver a smoother complexion (both overnight AND over time with continued use) with results that truly rival an in-clinic treatment for a fraction of the cost.

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