The 5 Best Gel Cleansers

Sincerely, a gel cleanser hater.
Welcome, fellow gel cleanser sceptics! If you too have had a disastrous encounter with a certain cleanser of the gel variety that left your moisture barrier in ruins, you’re certainly not alone. Like so many, I’ve been there; fighting for weeks to restore my skin to its former glory. But here’s the thing: my experience as somebody who loves a single cleanse taught me that most gentle, cream cleansers just don’t cut it on their own when it comes to removing makeup and SPF. But never fear! After some serious detective work over the years (and a lot of face washing), I think I’ve discovered the best gel cleansers that truly clean, but never strip (in my humble, well-cleansed opinion).

I love Biossance products, and their Squalane + Amino Aloe Gentle Cleanser is no exception. If you’re like me and are a one-and-done wonder when it comes to cleansing, it might just be the product your routine has been longing for. Whilst its gentle foaming formula and ability to banish oily residue make it ideal as a second cleanse, it provides a truly deep clean that is just as satisfying all on its own (sans that dreaded stripping sensation!). Made for all skin types, this gem features Biossance’s famous sugarcane squalane; the hero ingredient that mimics your skin’s natural oils to deliver weightless moisture, even after cleansing.

The Aesthetics Rx Revitalizing Foaming Cleanser defies the foaming cleanser cliché in the best way possible. In reality, the lather is minimal and not harsh in the slightest. This Australian-made discovery is uncomplicated and delivers exactly what you want; it cleans, clears, and leaves your skin feeling neither tight nor parched. Even better, it took me MONTHS to get through this. A little goes a long way (which is much appreciated given the slightly heftier price tag). It’s been a foolproof favourite of mine for years now.
Another longtime lover of mine has been the Lamav Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser. It has a mild, zesty scent with a light lather and a liquidy, jelly-like consistency. It’s designed for oily and combination skin types, but I’ve never had an issue with it as a haver of normal-combo skin. As a single cleanse, it may not quite rival heavy-duty oil cleansers or some of my other gel favourites like the Biossance option (I’d score it an 8/10 on the makeup removal scale), but on no-makeup days or if you’re happy to spend a little extra time cleansing, it’s a real winner. Featuring concentrated botanical extracts, it’s formulated to encourage cell turnover for enhanced luminosity, which I’ve found to be pleasantly true. Sidenote: I also adore this as a gentle body wash.
If Summer Fridays’ swoon-worthy packaging isn’t enough to get you curious about the brand, let me assure you this cleanser should be. The Super Amino Gel Cleanser isn’t only one for lovers of the aesthetic, but for those who crave a light lather, deep clean, and balanced result. Packed with 11 amino acids and atomized seawater, this cleanser effortlessly removes makeup and oils whilst its moisture-magnet powers keep your skin feeling fresh, never desert-dry.
The Fresh Soy Face Cleanser is forever appearing on best-seller lists and with good reason. This cleanser goes beyond just cleaning; it’s all about maintaining your skin’s natural PH balance and ensuring hydration levels remain healthy and happy. Along with the most delicious texture, this cleanser has a light, calming, herbal-inspired scent that makes washing your face more of a spa-like sensory experience. It’s perfect for those minimal makeup moments when all you want is an ultra-calming cleanse before bed, or for a morning refresh to start your day.

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